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Sometime the Best Plans Do Not Matter.

This made such a point to me so I had to reblog it. And this is why:

Recently I have turned into a major plan person.  This is because being a busy mom if I do not plan it usually I wont find the time for it. So my normal routine is make a to do list for the next day just before I go to bed and also check my my agenda and my husbands match.

Oh this Friday morning I had everything planned down to the minute

07:30-08:15 Get kids up, dressed fed and out the door for school (what actually happen, I cut my alarm off in a sleep stupor and was awake at 07:55, kids were haphazardly dressed and walked out the door at 08:20 with sandwiches in hand)

09:00-11:30 Clean house, make sure my bag and speech are prepared for that night and to make sure i fixed the kids lunch. (This was the only thing the whole day that went as planned.)

11:45-12:20 Pick up both Daughter and Son from school (I was there on-time to pick up my son. His teach decided to talk to me for 30 minutes over her hectic day which usually I have no problem with. But when I said that I had to leave at 12:15 as my daughters school hours ended she got upset with me and said I wasn’t listening to her. putting me in a bad mood because I knew I would hear it from my daughter’s teacher from being late. walking through the building took 10 minutes as it is an obstacle course of little bodies to avoid when you are in a hurry. arrived at daughter’s class room door at 12:30, 15 minutes late.)

12:40 – 14:30 Kids are fed lunch and packed up for swimming lessons then rushed off to catch the bus in time. (3 year old son “I don’t want that mom it is gross.”  Fixing something different for him starts my 6 year old daughter with “I don’t want it either if he gets something else.” Ok mom was waiting on this so that was taken care of quickly. Phone rings with work so this takes a bit of multitasking and juggling food, notebook and phone while serving kids, looking up an order and letting client know the price. Daughter “breathe mom we will make it on time.” Mom looks at clock and it is 14:00 already. rush to put on coats, grab shoes and out the door to find out half way down the road we have left our swim clothing, my purse, and a list of other stuff. We run back and miss the bus. Next bus haft and hour later.)

15:20 oh our way to swimming lessons. (to find out the bus is taking a detour due to a wreck on the route.)

16:10 late for swim lesson and it is over in half an hour.

18:00 home to fix dinner (oddly enough dinner is fixed without any trouble. kids are fed, and down for the night by 19:00 and clean up doesn’t last that long. So i think yay me time.  The realize that my husband wants him time.)

21:00 This mom is tired and ready for bed. Phone rings and orders need processing.

23:00 Bedtime.

Best laid plans don’t always work out but this is life being flexible and remembering that life can and will do this to you. So lesson of the day. Relax. Be flexible and smile. My life can be stressful, frustrating and busy but when I smile all that goes away. Mothers advice always have some time for you even if it is just to stretch out on your bed and say, “Thank you for this day because I am alive.”